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Where is

Kiskeyix has moved to HTTPS protocol only!

In addition, all the code for sharing via Twitter, Facebook, etc... has been removed from the site. In order to share the articles, you may use the URL directly or use your mobile phone share button. This is in order to keep sites like Facebook and Twitter from prying on your internet surfing habits. Privacy is a big concern these days, so we have removed the "Like" button and "Tweet", etc...

Why use HTTPS?

HTTPS is a secured version of HTTP designed to keep your web surfing private.

What if my browser does not support https?

It's highly recommended that you switch to a browser that does support HTTPS with TLS 1.2. Examples are:

If you cannot use HTTPS via one of the browers listed, then you may still surf the site using this insecure link. Note that this is only a temporary location and you should be updating your browsers as soon as possible.

How do we contact you?

You can always send a message to our information email address: